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Louise Nyholm Kallestrup

Ph.D., Associate Professor, early modern cultural history and chairman of the board, Centre for Medieval Studies, Department of History, University of Southern Denmark

She has published widely on Danish and Italian witchcraft prosecutions, among her English works Agents of witchcraft in Early Modern Denmark and Italy, Palgrave-MacMillan: London, June 2015 (in press); on witchcraft and gender “Women, witches and the towns courts of Ribe. Ideas of the gendered witch in early modern Denmark”, in Why and how gender matters in medieval and early modern Europe, eds. Marianna Murayeva et al, (Routlegde, 2013); and on orthodoxy and demonic possession in “Knowing Satan from God. Demonic possession, witchcraft, and the Lutheran Orthodox Church in early modern Denmark”, in Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft, vol. 6, nr. 2, 12/2011, 163-182.