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Peter Edelberg

Ph.D, external lecturer, University of Copenhagen

My interest in the history of crime is based in my interest in the history of sexuality. In my PhD thesis I analyzed the discursive, practical, and juridical construction of a legal and socially acceptable homosexual subjectivity. I explored the ways the police and the courts played and active and constructive part in the creation of a new kind of gay subjectivity and the separation of pedophilia and homosexuality. Rather than seeing the police and the juridical system as only obstructive, regressive or oppressive, I analyzed the ways they were a constitutive part of homosexuality as it is discursively constructed, practiced and celebrated today. I hope to explore further the ways gays and lesbians have been included in Danish and European society. I also have an interest in how illegitimate and illegal sexual identities and practices, such as pedophilia, was constructed, practiced and policed.