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Peter Frandsen

PhD, senior researcher at the Danish National Archives, member of the steering committee of the Research Network The Cultural History of Crime

In recent years I have researched topics on penal practice in connection with the Danish prison system in the 20th and 21st century. Have published articles about the Danish Borstal system 1933-1973 and written the main section of the book about the Danish Department of Prisons andProbation 1910-2010, and just completed an article about the Departments first director. In 2013 I published a book about Nyborg State Prison from 1913 to 2013,aclosedDanish prison. Currently I research The rise of the open prisons and the breakthrough of the principle of normalization from the 1930’ies until today – a contribution to the project Embraced by the welfare state? The anthology is expected to be completed in 2015. Subsequently I will write about the open Danish state prison Horserød (1917) 1947-2017.