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Poul Duedahl

Ph.D, Professor of History at Aalborg University, Denmark.

His book, Forbrydelsens ansigt [Faces of Crime] on the history of Danish police photography, was selected by the Danish History Council and the Danish book readers as History Book of the Year 2013.

He has published several articles in Danish and English on the history of crime and criminal investigation, such as: Poul Duedahl: “Crime Caught in Time: The Poetics of Police Photography” in M.H. Jacobsen (ed.): The Poetics of Crime, London: Ashgate, 2014, pp. 71-96.

Together with professor Ulrik Langen from University of Copenhagen, he is editing a book, Nattens gerninger [Chores of the night] on the cultural history of nighttime, which includes chapters on crime from 1500-1850 written by leading Danish historians within the field. The book will be released in spring 2015.

At the moment he is in charge of a major research project on something completely different (the history of UNESCO, sponsored by the Danish Research Council), but spends his evenings and nights writing a comprehensive biography about Jens Nielsen (1862-92) who was beheaded in November 1892 in Horsens Correctional Institution – in what was to be Denmark’s last state-sponsored killing of a human being for crimes committed in peacetime. The biography is based on the more than 10,000 single documents produced by him and about him and his criminal activities – documents such as diaries, memoires, police reports, interrogation transcripts and court decisions – covering almost every day of his life. The book, with the working title Ondskabens øjne [Eyes of Evil], will hit the streets within a year or two.

Major publications on the history of crime:

Forbrydelsens ansigt (2013)

Nattens gerninger (2015)

Ondskabens øjne (2017)