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Nyhedsbrev nr. 3. 12. januar 2016


Fredag den 13. november kl. 14 holdt netværkets gæsteprofessor Anne-Marie Kilday forelæsning på Rigsarkivet i København.

Emnet var:

A Monstrous Regiment? Criminal Women as Moral Panic – Britain, 1600-1900

This lecture will suggest that one of the earliest examples of the concept of ‘moral panic’ in British history rests in the prevailing attitudes to criminal women, evidence since the early modern period.

The criminal woman, especially a woman that was violent in her felonious endeavors offered a direct challenge to the prevailing gender ideologies about the acceptable position of women in society. Women were expected to be dutiful, genteel and subordinate at all times not rebellious, aggressive or dominant. How were the authorities in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales to react when faced with a woman who had not only committed a crime, but had also gone against the accepted behavioural boundaries of her sex? Was there any merit in their obvious anxieties over criminal women or were such instances rare, insignificant and anomalous with the typical picture of illegality in pre-modern Britain?

By looking at British women’s involvement in homicide, infanticide and assault over the period 1600-1900, this lecture will attempt to answer these questions and in doing so, it hopes to draw together some of the themes of ;The Cultural Histories of Crime Network’ and suggest avenues for potential future research collaborations.

Foredraget var rimeligt velbesøgt og efterfulgtes af mange spørgsmål.