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Seminar October 2015


Crime as a Construction

8.-9. October 2015

Organisers: Tyge Krogh, Louise Nyholm Kallestrup
Place:  Kursusstation Knudshoved, Nyborg



Introduction: Louise Nyholm Kallestrup

Jeppe Büchert Netterstrøm, Aarhus University: Criminalization of Homicide in Early Modern Denmark (16th – 17th Centuries)

Garthine Walker, Cardiff University: Sexual violence 1500-1800

Louise Nyholm  Kallestrup, University of Southern Denmark: Reformation, religious writing and royal ships. A witch hunt in the making in post-reformation Denmark (16th century)

Tyge Krogh, Danish National Archives: The rise and fall of religious crimes and punishments (17th – 18th Centuries)

Manon van der Heijden, Leiden University: Women and Crime in early modern Holland (17th – 18th centuries)

Nina Kofoed, Aarhus University: Legitimate and illegitimate violence within the 18th century household



Asbjørn Romvig Thomsen: Danish National Archives: The Peasant, the Local Society and the Law 1775-1850. 75 Years of Conflicts in a Rural Society  (18th – 19th  Centuries)

Gunvor Simonsen, University of Copenhagen: Konstruktionen af afrikansk magi som kriminalitet (18th – 19th Centuries)

Peter Scharff Smith, The Danish Institute for Human Rights: The construction of crime as immoral thought processes – from religious conversion to cognitive treatment programs in prisons (19th – 20th Centuries)

Sace Elder, Eastern Illinois University: The construction of crimes against children in Germany (20th century)

Peter Edelberg, University of Copenhagen: Traces of a Panic: The Making and Unmaking of a Pedophile Minority in Denmark (20th century)